We put patient health and comfort first.
Our solutions support medical institutions in the care of seniors and chronically ill patients whose condition requires frequent consultations and constant monitoring of results. 
Hertz New Technologies has developed a system integrated with dedicated patient monitoring devices, so that all data are continuously and continuously sent to the attending physician. In the event of a change in results or deterioration in the patient's condition, the doctor is able to respond quickly without the need for an appointment. 
This is an excellent solution in times of pandemics. The patient remains under the care of specialists, and treatment takes place at the patient's home without exposing the patient to COVID-19 infection. The patient remains at home, an environment familiar to him, without isolation from loved ones. 
Depending on the needs of the institution, we select appropriate devices and adjust the system to be easy to use, both for the doctors and the patients themselves. All monitoring devices are adjusted in such a way that the patient does not feel uncomfortable and can easily consult with his attending physician.

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