One of the simplest anti-drone solutions is a handheld neutralizer.  When it is on your equipment, it provides basic protection against unwanted visits from all "foreign" drones. 
The handheld neutralizer will work effectively in almost any conditions. It is a small, lightweight and very easy to use device.  Its weight reaches only 3.5 kg with battery.
The handheld neutralizer can stop a single drone, but can also handle a larger group of drones at distances up to 1.5 km.  This long range provides comfort to the services in most of the spaces they protect. The handheld neutralizer is safe for both the user and those in the vicinity. 
What are the key features of the handheld neutralizer? 

• Long-lasting battery, 60 minutes of active operation
• Lightweight, small size, weighs 3.5 kg with battery
• Functional, allows you to force a landing or send the intruder back to the place of departure
• Effective, neutralizes single drones or drone swarms
• Long warranty and post-warranty service
• Easy to use, with the possibility of installing a target sight
• Low price

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