Drones (UAVs) are a growing threat. They are no longer just film fiction or the accidental flight of an unwitting operator. More and more often drones become weapons in the hands of criminals. They are easily available, inexpensive, and possible to build yourself. Unfortunately, they become an ideal tool for attacks and blocking airports. They pose a huge threat to planes taking off and landing. 
The case of the blockade of Gatwick Airport in December 2018 is still widely reported. Drones flying close to the runways effectively blocked airport operations for over 36 hours. More than 140,000 passengers were affected and had to postpone or cancel their trips altogether. 
A solution which would effectively prevent such situations is proposed by Hertz New Technologies. The HAWK system is designed to counter attacks from UAV. The system can detect the presence of drones already from a distance of 25 kilometers. By using data from various sensors, it is able to determine not only the position of the drone itself, but also its operator. However, the most important function of the HAWK is the ability to block the entry into the protected zone of unwanted drones and send them back to the operator, or to take control and direct them to a safe landing outside the protected area. 

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